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David Adeyemi

Keys @ Lighthouse Church
Developer @ IBM

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About Me

My Bio

I’m David Adeyemi. 

I’m a Developer at IBM and working on my Masters in Biomedical Engineering at UNT. My interests lie in Entrepreneurship around the areas of BioInformatics and Space.

I’m originally from Malawi, where my parents were missionaries. They now Pastor a church in Mansfield, where I lead instrumentals. My original time abroad fostered my wanderlust and drive for impactful social change.

I’ve documented my past and current projects here in my portfolio. They range from Social Entrepreneurship, to Education, to Robotics. I’ve featured some below and have the rest on the Portfolio page.


Finally, I share my thoughts and learnings here in my blog. Scroll to continue to my best posts



Recent Projects

If Not Now, When? Let’s Work Together!

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